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Seven Hills awarded as Top 20 good quality brands in Vietnam Aqua veterinary

Seven Hills Trading was recently honored as one of the Top 20 quality brands in Vietnam's aqua veterinary industry.

The award was presented at the Top Quality Brands for Vietnam Consumers Awards ceremony held in Hanoi last month. The awards aim to recognize companies that have made significant contributions to improving aquaculture health and increasing shrimp and fish farming productivity in Vietnam through their quality products and services.

"We are thrilled to be acknowledged as one of Vietnam's top aqua veterinary suppliers," said Mr. Mohan Ramesh Anand, CEO of Seven Hills. "Our team works tirelessly to develop innovative solutions that can protect aquatic animals from disease and support farmers in raising healthy, high-quality seafood."

Seven Hills is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and has served Vietnamese aqua farmers through its product portfolio, which includes pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, vitamins, probiotics, immunostimulants, and growth promoters. Popular offerings such as Prolot Aqua and Vit-On have helped farmers improve pond water quality and achieve better survival rates.

An expert committee used market share, product quality, technological innovation, and customer satisfaction levels to determine the Top 20 listings under these categories. As one of the honorees, Seven Hills was commended for its product quality, supportive service, and diversified products.

We expect to cooperate with more sales agents and distributors within the Mekong Delta area to provide good solutions to more aqua farmers next year. With Vietnamese aquaculture projected to reach nearly 4 million tons in 2025, we hope to continuously play an essential role in the industry's future growth.

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